Thursday, 19 July 2012

Group 2 20/7/12


Helena - Building
Jamy - Documenting
Emma - Programming

Name of Activity/Challenge:

Create dance sequence for your robot using Robolab software. This should be about 2-3 minutes in length and should hav appropriate music to accompany it. have the robot remain within a 1m x 1m area. This dance sequence will be presented on the evening of the Technology Showcase. You may add props to make the dance more interesting.

Goals at the start of the lesson: 
  • Edit the dance
  • Find an appropriate song for the robot to dance to
Which goals were not achieved and why?

We kind of got halfway through to both goals because some songs we tried started off fine but then went off beat and then when we tried to program the robot in sync with the song, it would stuff up the whole dance and go outside the 1m x 1m space.

A summary of the changes to programming the robotic instructions:

We had to change the program a number of times in order to add more movements into the dance sequence as well as activities such as talking.

Video/Photo of robot being tested

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