Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Group 2 13/06/12


Helena - Documenting
Jamy - Programming
Emma - Building

Name of Activity/Challenge:

Activity 5 - Walls and Edges
Develop a program using the touch sensor that has the robot reversing away from any contact turning slightly and proceeding forward until it again collides with an object.

Goals at the start of the lesson: 

  • Get Activity 5 done - been working on it for 2 lessons
  • Start challenges
Which goals were not achieved and why?

None of the goals were achieved as during the lesson, one of the motors stuffed up but eventually got fixed but we couldn't get the programming right.
Every time we added the movement after the touch sensor, the robot would not work properly (go in circles).

A summary of the changes to programming the robotic instructions:

We had to change the programming multiple times as we were trying to do Activity 5.

Video/Photo of robot being tested

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